Frequently Asked Questions

Does the club offer any training?  No, the club is small in membership and does not have the resources to offer any formal training. Informal training does occur inherently during partcipation in club activities (= "on the job development"). Given a sufficient number of interested people, the club could apply, competively, for financial grants to pay for formal training. The BMC offer a range of training courses for club members costing from £50 to £90; see and click on "club training" button.

Does the club have any equipment available for loan to members? No, the club is too small to have the resources to invest in and maintain equipment for loan out to members.

What age range does the club accommodate? We have members from in their teens through into their seventies.

Is there any reduction in the membership fee for such as a part of a year? We ask for the membership fee to be paid in full and upon joining in order to secure the third party insurance cover provided by the BMC - this cover accounts for over half of the membership fee. If you are already a member of the BMC, either directly or via another affiliated club, then you can apply to the BMC for a refund of the insurance premium (about £11-£12 at present). Presently, this is the only available means to a reduction in our club membership fee.

Does the club have access to any huts? The club is too small to have the resources to own and maintain its own hut. Most meets involving an overnight stay make use of huts owned and maintained by other, much larger, mountaineering clubs.

When do away meet hut booking fees have to be paid?

The club incurs a substantial financial risk when booking a hut in advance as it has to be paid for both in advance and in full, whether or not sufficient members attend the meet to cover the cost.  Therefore the club requests that attendees make payment at the time of notifying the meet coordinator of their intention to attend. Having made your reservation, if you are subsequently unable to attend for any reason, you should try to allow another member to have your place - this is sometimes qiuite easy as some meets are over-subscribed with members waiting for a cancellation.

Does the club organise any international meets? Not unless Scotland votes itself to become independent! Individual members do participate in their own private exploits abroad or may team up with other club members on an ad-hoc basis, but it is their perogative whether or not to invite other members to participate. Any member can ask around for partners to be interested in participating in a potential project. An increase in club membership could make the effort in organising a formal ex-UK meet more worthwhile.

What kinds of activities do members get up to other than formal club walks and climbing meets? We have members who walk, run, orienteer, climb, ski, cycle and kayak/canoe.  Some have been to the farthest corners of the Earth, including the Greater Ranges, the Polar Regions and first ascents.

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